The Government has announced a 4-week pause at Step 3 and therefore the current Step 3 restrictions remain in place until 19 July. Although there has been some easing in restrictions nationally, they have no impact on target shooting and the rules remain the same. Individuals and clubs should continue to operate as in the current Step 3 outlined in NSRA Target Shooting in England Roadmap. The Government has said that it will review the data after 2 weeks to see if the risks have reduced and will inform if the 19th July date for Step 4 is to be changed. The NSRA will monitor the position and inform as the situation changes.

Report on a Countryside Forum webinar held online on May 13, 2021

1               Political reports

The European and International report by Ian Bell (BASC) and the Parliament report by Christopher Graffius (BASC) were tabled in advance of the meeting and are circulated separately. There was then an update on shooting issues followed by a series of presentations on the topic: ‘Is countryside policy increasingly, and disproportionately, being influenced by single issue pressure groups?’


2               Update on shooting issues

Liam Stokes (CEO, British Game Alliance), said that the single biggest issue in (game) shooting had been Coronavirus and its ongoing repercussions. Some 60% of the number of birds that would normally be released were released in 2020, but there had been a considerable reduction in shoot days. Estimated lost income across the sector was £150m. There was considerable supressed demand which was being realised in increased orders, and shooting should be buoyant in 2021-2. There was, however a current cashflow problem. Medium sized game farmers in particular were struggling. Larger ones had adopted economies of scale and there were more birds being reared on shoots. Game farming was expected to be 20% down. There had been uncertainty caused by the 5 year lead phase-out, with the UK REACH process only 2 years away. Confusion had been sown by end users wanting to source lead-free game and the decision by the National Game Dealers Association to require game shot with non-lead ammunition from 2022 was having a “seismic impact.” Shoots needed help to understand what that meant. In Scotland the re-election of an SNP Government with Green support renewed the threat of licencing of grouse shoots. In Wales the Labour Party were adopting anti-shooting and snaring measures, and registering shoots was one step away from licensing them. There were issues in England about the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill and around lead, hares and snaring.

3               Is countryside policy increasingly, and disproportionately, being influenced by single issue pressure groups? – Mark Tufnell, Deputy President, CLA

Single issue pressure groups are now lobbying on a much wider range of issues than in the past. Mark pointed out that CLA, CPRE and the Ramblers Association were once single issue pressure groups, but all now had a much wider remit. Extinction Rebellion, a wider pressure group, had not achieved a huge amount, and had not managed to bring political change. Veganism, however, could have a significant change on how the countryside looks. Mark spoke of the rise of social media campaigns which could be brought together more quickly, but it was his view that in a lot of cases, Government policy had not been changed. Organisations that had moved from single issue campaigning to wider lobbying, such as the Countryside Alliance, had been more effective.  

4               Is countryside policy increasingly, and disproportionately, being influenced by single issue pressure groups? – Liam Stokes, British Game Alliance

Liam’s opinion was that a lot of activity in the countryside is being driven by single issue pressure groups. Officials at Defra engage with them, while pro-shooting groups were not having a major effect. Those who dealt with the working countryside (i.e. farming , shooting, gamekeeping groups) were dealt with more scepticism than animal rights, animal welfare and conservation bodies. Pressure by Wild Justice on supermarket buyers had shown that change in the countryside could also be exerted by pressure on the corporate sector. Green Alliance policy papers were regarded as credible and trustworthy while farming is treated as a vested interest. Environmental issues were becoming more politically significant. The Green Party held the balance of power in Scotland and was influential in the Senedd. It was also important in German politics. It was an agenda that had united disparate elements. The RSPB had reversed their decades-old neutrality on game shooting with Wild Justice to promote shoot licensing. Act Now for Animals contained a range of voices, including those of hardline Animal Rights groups. The trend was increasing and had not been acknowledged by policy makers. Liam felt that we had to get better at forming our own alliances. 

5               Is countryside policy increasingly, and disproportionately, being influenced by single issue pressure groups? – Neil Parish MP, Chair of the EFRA Committee

Neil said that Government wanted to be green and all-embracing. It must be careful not to be hijacked by extreme organisations. He spoke of traditional management keeping the countryside looking the way it always had. He said that Government needed to be firm over improving the environment and in producing good food but must not get pushed around by extreme organisations. He said of the Conservatives that they are a party that comes from the countryside, “but these people are not going to vote for us.”

6               Discussion

In the short discussion that followed it was noted that the Green Alliance is running the Environment APPG and is an extremely effective campaigning body.

Graham Downing   18th May 2021

Due to restrictions slowly lifting Martin from Cheshunt Rifle & Pistol Club was finally able to get his hands on the fantastic 1st prize. He collected the Walther LG400 today from the NSRA head office. Although you can’t tell behind his mask, Martin was very happy with his prize.

IMG 2794

The NSRA represents around 900 clubs which cover a diverse range of disciplines. The clubs all have their own “character” and most members and committee members put in an inordinate amount of work to maintain them. Across these clubs some are mainly focussed on recreational shooting. However, others have a more competitive focus and aspire to enrol, nurture and prepare high quality competitive shooters – many of whom aspire to represent their county, region or country in high level competition.

At the NSRA we receive a great many enquiries from people wanting to find a club in their area. The majority of these are new to shooting and really don’t know (or only have a vague idea) which discipline they wish to try. However, we do get enquiries from people who want to compete from the start and aspire to Commonwealth Games or Olympics or just to be, “…the best they can be…” Clearly, if this latter group are directed to a club that has a sole purpose of recreation, shooting non-ISSF disciplines or has no facilities or coaching available for these disciplines then sending them to these clubs would not be suitable and could result in them not taking up the sport. Further to this we often get current shooters who would like to join another, more competitive club to be with like-minded individuals, appropriate facilities or good coaching.

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The Home Office has announced changes to the Firearms Rules 1998 which will take effect from 7 May 2021, and introduce changes relating to:

  • the prescribed forms for firearm and shotgun certificates, enabling recording of the “unique identifying mark” on the firearm or shotgun or its component parts
  • clarification of the obligation to inform the chief officer of police of the theft, loss or destruction in Great Britain of a firearm or shotgun certificate, or of any firearm or shotgun or ammunition to which the certificate relates.

Please see Circular 002/2021 The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2021 on the site for full details.

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