The first (and hopefully last) anniversary of Covid restrictions and lockdown is fast approaching so this is an opportune time to look back over the past year and review the progress we have still made through the efforts of NSRA Staff and Board of Management. We would also like to add our thanks to all our Members and Affiliated Clubs for your continued support, understanding and constructive criticism, which is just as important as we battle to overcome the ravages of Covid.

Last year will go down as the most testing in the history of the NSRA and it is at this time that we rely 100% on our loyal members.

NSRA recognise the difficulties and empathise with those members who have been unable to shoot since March 2020.

Everyone at the NSRA hopes that you will understand that the coronavirus restrictions have been equally tough for the Association and Staff and activities in 2020 have been severely curtailed, impacting on the Association’s revenue as well as increasing some fixed costs.

In this very challenging year, the Association has adapted the way in which it operates in order to responsibly manage our resources so as to ensure that, in the face of adversity, members’ needs continue to be met and we would like to share those achievements with you.

Staff with the support of Board members have: 

  • Worked tirelessly to support members and clubs throughout the pandemic issuing guidance on a regular basis – did you know that on average the restrictions have changed every 5 days since March 2020?
  • Provided information regarding Government and local Covid 19 grants on the website and social media
  • Provided support for coaches and shooters operating under tiered and lockdown situations
  • Worked with colleagues at British Shooting to liaise with DCMS/Sport England to interpret Government guidance into the shooting context. Also to maintain shooting activity under Tier restrictions as far as possible – along with other sports such as golf and fishing.
  • Ensured the sport is represented in Westminster using our seat on the British Shooting Sports Council to actively lobby the Government against further adverse legislation.
  • Opened a dialogue with the NRA on issues affecting both organisations
  • Carefully managed the organisation’s finances and successfully applied for Government grants where applicable and making use of the furlough scheme
  • Maintained the competition programme as far as possible with constant updates to reflect the changing situation
  • Organised the Wakefield, Dewar and Drew International Postal Matches
  • Assisted individuals and clubs with Firearms Licensing issues
  • Provided background to members and information for lobbying Government with respect to the latest Firearms Consultation (see website)
  • Completed and reported on two customer focussed surveys designed to understand our members' requirements on the website and in On Target
  • Launched the membership platform to clubs and individual members in an effort to improve the membership experience
  • Launched the NSRA rewards scheme offering discounts at many leading supermarkets and other retailers which if taken up should effectively save individual members an amount equivalent to their membership subscription
  • Held our prices for the second consecutive year without reducing any of the membership benefits

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