Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who will the online membership portal be available to?
A: Clubs, Counties and Other Shooting organisations as well as individual members will be able to use the system as a quicker and easier way to renew, manage their own data and allowing new Members to join. The vast majority of people these days are familiar with online providers eg insurance companies, motoring organisations, retailers etc.

Q: Can I still use the old paper system to renew?
A: You will be able to during the transition period before everything goes online during the early part of 2021. This will prove to be easier, quicker and beneficial for everyone.

Q: My email was registered with the NSRA but I didn't recieve a log-in email? 
A: You can put your email into the log-in page and click 'forgot password'. if your email is on the system you will be given the option to change your password through an email notification. If not please click HERE and send us your email.
Q: How much does this increase the cost of my membership?
A: This does not increase the cost of your membership. The idea is to bring the organisation into the 21st century and make the job of renewing as easy and simple as possible.

Q: How did NSRA choose this platform?
A: We spent many months looking at the options available and chose Go Membership because it is used very successfully by more than 85 NGBs worldwide including many other UK NGB’s. For example NRA, BMFA, BBA, SSAC see

Q: Is my data secure?
A: Yes, the Go Membership platform is secure and complies with all GDPR requirements.

Q: Can I opt out of the system?
A: No, this is the system we have chosen to streamline the organisation and for it to deliver benefits to everybody you will need to register which is quick and easy however if you do not have internet access you will be able to ask NSRA Membership to help you add data to the system and take payments over the phone. Please note during the early phase of implementation the Membership Team will be busy so we would ask for your understanding and patience.

Q: Is this the first system used by the NSRA?
A: No, we have used other systems in the past, which are rather antiquated now and with this more modern system Members and Clubs will be able to manage their own details and activities associated with the NSRA.

Q: Who chose Go Membership?
A: Everybody including Members through a series of surveys conducted this year.

Q: Will Go Membership be more expensive to run? 
A: It will deliver substantial savings which in turn can be invested in providing an improved service to members benefits.

Q: How does the system take payment?
A: Go Membership has a payment portal like many other sites which enables payments to be processed quickly and securely either via your bank or credit card/debit card.

Q: Do NSRA make money from the system?
A: No, this is a strategic decision which will improve customer experience and modernise the NSRA for the 2020’s and beyond.

Q: Do Clubs have to give the details of individual members?
A: No, the Club Secretary is our point of contact. We want to be able to use the system to communicate with our members as we all know good communication is vital and this is what you have been telling us in the surveys. We would love to have Club members on the system to receive emails but this would be only available to people who wish to receive information from us – each member can manage their opt in preferences in line with GDPR.

Q: What if we don’t want to remain a club or individual member of the NSRA?
A: There is no requirement that you must be affiliated or a member of the NSRA, we are working hard to communicate with our membership, provide most comprehensive insurance, a great magazine and a new Rewards Scheme which will save you money. We sincerely hope that all small-bore, air and crossbow target shooters in the UK will be behind the NSRA.

Q: Will the NSRA use the data from clubs for marketing or event promotion?
A: Only if the appropriate opt-in has been ticked. One of the major criticisms of the NSRA was lack of communication. We will not share your data with third parties but it will be used to improve the quality of communication you can expect from us. Under GDPR the NSRA is allowed to send communications relating to membership services.

Q: What if I struggle to use the system?
A: There is a resource centre on the system with videos to help if you get stuck and we are always at the end of the phone and happy to help – we do ask for your patience in the early phase of transition. If you are on Facebook and have a simple question then you may find someone in the NSRA community can help.

Q: What standards do Go Membership comply to?
A: They are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001 registered.

Q: Why should I use the new system?
A: The biggest benefit is that you will be able to manage your own records and check that the data the NSRA holds is up to date. You will be able to see your coaching qualifications and records of other qualifications (all to be named “credentials” in the future. It will make things easier, quicker and simpler for everyone, in short vastly improve your membership experience and will allow extra money to be re-invested into other NSRA projects.

Q: Will the NSRA see club members’ records?
A: As the system administrator, your member profiles will be viewable by the NGB so club members can update information like RO qualifications more easily and without the need to post documentation.

Q: Will I receive any correspondence from GoMembership?
A: No, GoMembership only provide the digital platform.

Q: What if I’m a member of more than one club?
A: There was an initial problem with this but you can now link yourself to as many clubs as you like.

Q: Why does the system want an emergency contact?
A: This is not mandatory but it is a responsible element to include as injuries may occur at any sporting event. You do not ned to complete this information now but if you compete in NSRA events at Bisley or Scotland you will be asked to provide these data.

 Q: My scorer’s qualification is listed but not my RCO?
A: They are currently shown as credentials and qualifications but we are in the process of changing this to just credentials to simplify things.

Q: Is the firearms information secure?
A: Yes. This is also a useful tool for printing off and showing to the Police when you are renewing your FAC. Some members have managed to use such data to increase their ammunition allowance for example.

Q: I had a direct debit set up on the old system, do I need to make a new one with the new system? 
A: Yes, direct debit information has not been transferred to the new system so a new DD will need to be set up and best to cancel the old one for peace of mind, however if you do not cancel your DD this should be spotted by NSRA Memebrship.

Q: Will I be able to start using NSRA Rewards straightaway?
A: There is likely to be a short delay between renewing your NSRA Membership and being able to logon to NSRA Rewards.


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