Since we started to reopen in June we have received literally hundreds of phone calls and emails from Members and Clubs. These have been about a whole range of topics with the majority concerning Clubs reopening, the resumption of shooting and many other Covid-19 related matters. We are very conscious that in a number of cases we are unable to give you the answers you want to hear and of course these are the same answers ideally we would like to be giving you. Along with everybody else these have some of the most difficult times we have ever known. 

In spite of your understandable frustration and disappointment at what seems to be lack of progress or information at times we have been genuinely touched by the number of good wishes and expressions of thanks we have received from all over the country. To hear or read a Member or Club Secretary saying “well done”, “thank you” ,“keep going” is a source of great encouragement to the staff and your appreciation for our efforts is the best boost to our morale we could hope for so THANK YOU.

Having moved on from Lockdown in Spring, gradual reopening through Summer and with the uncertainty of Autumn and Winter ahead we can assure you we will redouble our efforts to provide the best service we can knowing it does make a difference to so many of you. Together let’s hope we can look forward to a much brighter 2021!

Thank you again for your continued support for the Association.

Dee and the NSRA Staff

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