SQ10 103

1. Electronic Targets - The use of electronic targets (EST) is on the increase. An increasing number of clubs are investing and installing EST equipment. As our sport develops we have to accommodate these changes.

Currently we accept both paper and EST in all our team and individual postal competitions.

There is a perception that the use of EST gives an advantage over those shooters using paper targets.

We are planning, with some urgency, a study of the data and all other associated information available from all our competitions to establish if there is a true advantage.

2. Registration - As part of the acceptance of EST, there is a need for clubs to register their equipment with the Competitions Department. In return the NSRA will inspect target installations and club procedures to ensure that appropriate witnessing protocols are in place.

3. 50 Metre League - Carl Taylor has agreed to run a 50 Metre League for Electronic Targets.

Mike Chapman
Chairman, Rifle Committee

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