The 15th June 2019 dawned with an overcast grey sky and a forecast of rain and a maximum temperature of 16°C. Just the perfect summers day to hold a Great Britain Team Trial and Postal Match. Forty nine of the top small-bore shooters in the country gathered at the Appleton Range to compete for a place in the Dewar Trophy Team.

The competitors were selected from the top scorers at last years Bisley and Scottish Shooting Championships along with six from a Postal Trial shot earlier this year. Split into two squads with one starting at 50m and the other at 100 yds the trial commenced.

Competition at 50m was fierce with four perfect scores of 200 spread amongst the two squads. While there were no 200s at 100 yds there were many shooters scoring 197 and 198. In the end the trial selected ten shooters from each squad, the cut-off score was 780 in Squad A and 779 in Squad B.

After a break for lunch and to allow a rain shower to pass, the team gathered on the 50m range to shoot the first half of the match. The shooting was again impressive with three perfect 200s being shot by K Bowley, N Day and L Thomson. The team moved to the 100 yds range but the clouds had closed in again and it was getting dark. We nervously waited for half an hour, hoping that the one bright patch of sky in the distance would come our way but finally gave in and shot the 100 yds part of the match.

The best shooter of the day was L Thomson with a very impressive 399, only dropping one point on his first 100 yds diagram. He was awarded the Ron Wood Trophy for the highest score in the team.

Keith Ridgway 19th June 2019.

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