Following the recent government announcement, there has been some confusion about what effect it will have on shooting clubs.

The main points are:

  • The new restrictions apply to adults only, indoor only, and team sport only.
  • They do not apply to exercise or individual sports.
  • Training can continue in groups but not more than 6.
  • Multiple groups can continue to participate indoors if in groups of 6 or less, and no mingling.

As part of the NSRAs constant review of COVID Guidance, we have removed the COVID waiver form that was previously part of the suite of documents available to assist clubs.

We suggest that this is no longer used as part of club procedures.

We have been receiving a number of calls from shooters who are concerned about the measures that should be implemented at their Clubs but for whatever reason don’t appear to be enforced consistently.

We would remind Club Officials and Committee Members that they have a duty of care to ensure that before they open their ranges for shooting:

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The next issue goes to print this week and will drop through your letterbox by 30 September. The following issue, which will include notice and details of the forthcoming AGM on 28 November, will be delivered by 5 November. So if you have any contributions you would like to submit for possible inclusion then please do so no later than midday on 30 September by emailingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the next issue.

Metropolitan PoliceThe Metropolitan Police have issued the following warning following a very serious crime involving a Firearms Certificate holder:-

On Saturday 5th September 2020 a licenced FAC holder advertised a gun for sale on Gun Star, one of the well-known sites for sales of lawfully owned guns. The advert was answered by two males and the holder arranged for a meeting at his home address. He cordially invited said males into the address where he showed the gun and his certificate. Sadly what happened next would have been a shock to any person.

Following the government announcement there has been some confusion as to whether shooting can still continue. After consultation with our colleagues at British Shooting, they have obtained the following explanation of the situation:

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister at 4pm this afternoon, Sport England has issued the update below having liaised with DCMS on the matter throughout the day.

We have sought clarity on what this means for sport and physical activity, and while social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from 14 September, the government has confirmed that organised sports and activities that have been through return to play protocols can continue, as can organised outdoor sports and physical activity events such as parkrun, which is due to return next month.

Benchrestpicv2The last Briefing was penned at the end of last year before Covid-19 hit us. The note was full of promise for the 2020 summer season, Individual and Team leagues, Scotland and Bisley and the British Benchrest Championships.

Some of us have had the good fortune to be able to shoot Competition No.s 392 and 395, 50 metres and 100 yds.  Rounds 1 & 2 finished at the end of August, leaving round 3 to be completed by the end of September.

The NSRA Competitions Department have taken the opportunity presented by Lockdown to catch up on producing the National Rankings documents (also known as Results Supplements). The Competitions Team are very grateful to volunteers who have generously given their time to help make this possible.

National Rankings for the Summer 2019, Winter 18/19 and Summer 2018 Postal Competition Seasons are now available to download and view from the NSRA Website -> Results -> Previous Results -> National Rankings

Upon completion of the Winter 19/20 Postal Competition Season the National Rankings document will be completed as soon as possible.

Along with our other Winter Competition Entry Forms we are pleased to confirm the Eley is now available online.

Our priority is to try and make up for lost time resulting from the impact of Covid-19. We are striving to offer as many competitive opportunities as possible but of course with a significant number of clubs still closed we can’t guarantee the entry and shoot by deadlines will be to everyone’s liking. We are doing our best and encourage as many shooters as possible to enter. The last thing we want to do is to have cancel any competition as a consequence of low entries and lack of financial viability. We greatly appreciate your support and week by week we are gradually increasing our capability to offer Competitions to our members and supporters.


The new Manager of NSRA Aldersley

Paul Horbury

My name is Paul Horbury and I’ve been involved with Small-bore shooting since my early teens...

It has come to our attention rumours have been circulating which suggest the NSRA has entered receivership. To be clear and to avoid any further misunderstanding this is untrue. Auditors have been working at our offices recently but this is to undertake the work required every year ahead of our AGM. It won’t surprise anyone to learn this work has been completed several months later than usual because of Lockdown. The AGM which normally takes place in July has been rescheduled for Saturday 28 November and the various notices and relevant information will be mailed towards the end of October. We hope this post clarifies the situation for you and please do share with fellow Club Members and Shooters.