The Association has five categories of affiliation for organisations, the full details of which are set out in NSRA Rules and Regulations, Rule 2. Broadly they are:

Category A - Clubs. A club is a shooting organisation which principally uses not more than two ranges (one indoors, one outdoors) for its home matches and practice for each of the disciplines it follows (rifle, pistol, airgun, etc).

Category B - Local Associations and Leagues. An organisation which provides a local league or other competitions for clubs located within a predetermined area.

Category C - County Associations. 

Category D - Other Shooting Organisations. Shooting organisations not covered by the previous three categories, such as Home Country Unions or national groups working only within a specialist area. 

Category E - Other Organisations. Organisations falling outside the previous four categories, such as commercial enterprises.

For 2020 the basic affiliation fees are:

 Category A  up to 15 members   £128.00
   16 to 30 members  £169.00
   31 to 75 members  £236.00
   more than 75 members   £308.00
 Category A Junior Clubs   up to 15 members  £128.00
   more than 15 members  £164.00
 Category B    £205.00
 Category C    £205.00
 Category D    £205.00
 Category E    £205.00

Bluefin Sport have shown themselves to be a highly efficient and responsive insurance provider and we will continue to work with the underwriters XL Catlin.

For details of the benefits available for Clubs, Associations and Organisations they are listed in the document below:

Please ensure that when you return the new club affiliation paperwork you enclose a copy of the Clubs Constitutions and Byelaws. Please note that unless the NSRA are in receipt of your up-to-date constitution and byelaws, your insurance may be invalid and exemption certificates cannot be issued.

There are a number documents that affiliated clubs and organisations might find useful. They are available in the form of Codes and Guidance which can be found in the Reference section.

Insurance designed especially for NSRA affiliated clubs and organisations

Click below to access a mini-site developed by Bluefin Sport dedicated to the insurance they provide for NSRA members and affiliated clubs.

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