The Shooting Council is governed by Articles 38 to 43 of the NSRA’s Articles of Association. The Council normally meets three times a year. Its duties include:

  • establishing the rules or conditions for competition
  • making recommendations to the Board of Management on all aspects of the sport of target shooting
  • the determination of Shooting Matters and
  • the election of members to serve on the committees established by the Board of Management.

The membership of the Council comprises:

  • The Members of the Board of Management
  • Administrative Members (A maximum of nine, elected by the Shooting Council).

    Current Administrative Members

    M J Chapman A N Gibbons Mrs A J Millar
    P Jones     
  • Members Nominated by County Associations
    One member nominated annually by each NSRA-affiliated County Association (Category C).

    Current Nominated Members

    Where requested by a Nominated Member, there is an email link to enable shooters and clubs in the County to contact their County's representative.

    Aberdeenshire J R W Latimer
    Ayrshire C Fox
    Bedfordshire A Mann
    Berkshire P G Strong
    Buckinghamshire Mrs J Nicholl
    Caithness H Simpson
    Cambridgeshire W Cowell
    Cheshire and North Wales H C Taylor
    Cornwall P Ralph
    Cumbria and Northumbria Vacant
    Derbyshire S Favell
    Devon D Lemon
    Dorset A Motson
    Durham and Cleveland B Lamb
    C Ingram
    Fife and Kinross I Henderson
    Forth and Clyde R R Simpson
    Gloucestershire E Hatcher
    Hampshire Dr C J Gadsden
    Herefordshire T Horsfield
    Hertfordshire Vacant
    Isle of Man B T Jones
    Jersey P Le Marinel
    Kent Ms S Norman
    Lancashire P Holdstock
    Lincolnshire A Collick
    Lothian Vacant
    Middlesex M Phipps
    Norfolk G Chilton
    Northants, Leics and Rutland D Poxon
    Northern Ireland West S D R Kelly
    Nottinghamshire S Bett
    Oxfordshire J Sims
    Perthshire I G Gray
    Scottish Southern Counties T F Hodgson
    Shropshire R S Heath
    Somerset S D Jones
    Staffordshire M B P Willcox
    Suffolk W H Bond
    Surrey D Brigden
    Sussex Mrs E Twyford
    Ulster Counties (East) Vacant
    Warwickshire M Doble
    Wiltshire J Harris
    Worcestershire Vacant

    J R Osborn

  • Invited Observers
    A number of organisations and groups are entitled to appoint Invited Observers on a non-voting capacity.

    • Civilian
      British Field Target Association Vacant
      British Pistol Club R Fillery
      British Schools RA Vacant
      Civil Service Sports Council TSA Mrs L Martin
      Disability Target Shooting GB Mrs M Pankhurst
      English SSU M T White
      National Crossbow Federation Vacant
      Police Sport UK Vacant
      Preparatory Schools RA Mrs M Eveleigh
      Scottish SRA I Thomson
      Women’s Rifle Vacant
    • Armed Services
      Air Training Corps C Eveleigh
      Army RA MJR A Kyle
      Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting P Turner
      Royal Air Force SAA C Steele-Benny
      Royal Naval Reserve RA Vacant
      Royal Navy and Royal Marines TRA R Brown
      Sea Cadet Corps B M Madden
      Territorial Army RA R Bruce