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The Board of Management is leading a project to look at the future of the NSRA, and in what ways it needs to change in order to better meet the challenges of serving the Association's members in the next ten years, and beyond. Started in 2019, it is expected to continue for some time and will drive changes to the NSRA over the next few years.

The first stage is to understand our membership, and the wider shooting community, and what is expected of their NGB both now and in the future. In the summer of 2020 over 3,000 members and non-members completed an online survey designed to help in this understanding. Results from this survey were published in the Autumn issue of On Target. In the autumn, club secretaries were asked to complete another survey to understand how the NSRA is seen from the perspective of affiliated clubs.

Alongside this, actual measures to improve the way the NSRA interacts with its members and affiliated clubs are being implemented: during 2019 and 2020 the use of social media platforms increased, and the website is subject to a continual improvement programme. The publication of competition results will be using an online portal starting with the 2020-21 season, and membership applications and renewals will soon be possible using the new Go Membership portal.

It is necessary to mention the effect that the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is having on this whole process. As the country and indeed the world reels from the necessity of lockdowns and other restrictions to normal life, the organisational change process has suffered from delays like most other things. However, the Board of Management is determined that the NSRA will come through and be in a better shape to meet the future head-on.

Preliminary survey resultsPreliminary results are now available

It is little over a week since our first survey in the NSRA Organisational Change process went live. In that time more than 3250 of you have responded and we would like to thank everybody for this amazing effort. The same goes for the number of people you have shared the survey and with a closing date of 31 August fast approaching we would like to ask everybody for one last push. So if you haven’t already taken the survey please find less than 15 minutes today to do so. If you haven’t shared it with anyone yet then we will be enormously grateful for you to pass on amongst your shooting friends and club members. Even if you have done so then please share this post again in case anybody missed it first time around. Don’t forget there is a chance to win one of three prizes, each worth £100.00 of NSRA vouchers, for taking the survey and a grand prize of a Peli/Storm case of your choice worth up to £500.00 if you participate in every stage of the process.

Click Here to take the survey

In March we set out our initial thoughts about why and how the NSRA needs to change in order meet the needs of our Members, Affiliated Clubs and all the shooting disciplines we represent. This statement of intent came about as a result of poorly and inaccurately communicated information about supposed changes to our Membership Structure. We held our hands up, apologised and committed to getting this right in order for the NSRA to be fit for purpose for the next ten years and beyond. 

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