It is in the interests of everyone in any sport to operate in a way that is safe and efficient, whilst providing a quality experience for the participants. Target shooting has a head start on almost every other sport - its safety record. The need for strict range discipline in the conduct of shooting, coupled with the relatively low risk of injury from non-firearm-related causes places shooting so far down in the league table for sport injuries that it is usually not mentioned at all!

However, there are many other areas where individual shooters or clubs run the risk of doing something that is unwise or illegal, or which could bring the sport into disrepute in the eyes of the general public and of the external agencies with whom we all have to deal.

This section of the site offers guidance on a variety of topics, which is designed to help members and affiliated organisations to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and to maximise good practice. There are separate sub-sections dealing with matters such as club constitutions and equity in sport. The following subjects are covered in down-loadable documents, which can be accessed via the links below.