The NSRA Aldersley facility in the West Midlands is unique in the UK. Alongside an outdoor range for smallbore rifle shooting up to 100 yards there is a purpose-built centre accommodating all levels of indoor shooting with smallbore rifles, airguns & crossbows, from beginners and casual shooters through to the sport's elite competitors.

NSRA Aldersley EntranceLocated at Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton, it is the home to club shooters, regional, and national squads. Many organisations with links to target shooting regularly use the centre. There is ample parking, including disabled spaces.

The centre is disabled friendly. It has facilities for acoustic/VI shooting and benchrest rifle shooting, and for deaf shooters a "traffic light" system is available that relays range commands visually. All of the indoor ranges and the outdoor firing point are fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Special considerations and Covid-secure measures

If you or someone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms (or has had a positive test result) you should stay at home and must not attend the Centre under any circumstances. This includes anyone who has been told to self-isolate under the NHS test and trace service or via the NHS 'App'.

In line with the NSRA roadmap and Government guidelines, until further notice all shooling must be pre-booked (01902 743562).

The facilities available and the Centre's opening hours will be subject to change over the next few weeks. We are expecting to re-launch the shop in the near future.
Please use the following as a guide to our opening hours:

Monday Closed  
Tuesday 2 pm to 9:30 pm Afternoons: Lucas Rifle & Pistol club 
Evenings: Goodyear Rifle Club 
Wednesday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Aldersley Airgunners over Fifties 
Thursday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Junior Squads 
Friday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Aldersley Airgunners over Fifties 
Saturday Squad Training
West Midlands Regional Target Shooting Squad

We will be adding more time for general use in the next few weeks.

NSRA Aldersley Covid-secure measures effective from the 19 July 2021

A number of measures will remain in place at the Centre to protect our staff and visitors from the spread of Covid-19. The basic principle we have adopted is to continue with 'hands, face, space'.

In practical terms this means:

use sanitiser after touching shared surfaces
wear a face mask when in public areas
where possible maintain social distancing, for example firing points will continue to be spaced out

NSRA Aldersley caters for a wide range of target shooting disciplines, including:-

  • Air rifle and air pistol shooting at 10m and 6 yards.
    There are 35 firing points for 10m shooting with target changers. There are also electronic targets and turning targets available. Additional equipment is available for training, coaching, and competition needs. N.B. The range is limited to .177 airguns under 6 ft-lbs (8.1J) muzzle energy.
  • Smallbore and air gun shooting at up to 25m.
    The 25m indoor range has 6 shooting lanes and can accommodate smallbore rifle prone and 3-positional shooting, .177 and .22 airguns up to 12 ft-lbs, and archery.
  • Smallbore rifle shooting at 25 yards, 50m and 100 yards.
    The Outdoor range has 24 covered firing points.
  • Acoustic air rifle shooting for visually impaired shooters.
    NSRA Aldersley has the equipment - special targets and adapted air rifle sights - to allow visually impaired shooters to compete. The sight, mounted of the rifle in place of a conventional one, detects the light reflected from the target and generates a tone of varying pitch which the shooter hears via headphones.

Centre ShopThe centre's shop provides shooting supplies and light refreshments. A meeting/class room and full toilet facilities are available.

For casual customers and beginners all necessary equipment is available for hire, and instruction is available from qualified staff.

NSRA Aldersley has facilities and its own club to support shooters of any level.

Events, such as competitions, leagues, and instruction can be arranged for any group of users. Please contact us for more information.

Prone Air Rifle
Acoustic shooting from a wheelchair


NSRA Aldersley


Aldersley Leisure Village,

Tel: +44(0)1902 743562

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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