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The 100th Scottish Rifle Championship Meeting was held in 2019 in the grounds of Thirlstane Castle, Lauder.

Organisational Change strip

The Board of Management is leading a project to look at the future of the NSRA, and in what ways it needs to change in order to better meet the challenges of serving the Association's members in the next ten years, and beyond. Started in 2019, it is expected to continue for some time and will drive changes to the NSRA over the next few years.

The first stage is to understand our membership, and the wider shooting community, and what is expected of their NGB both now and in the future. In the summer of 2020 over 3,000 members and non-members completed an online survey designed to help in this understanding. Results from this survey were published in the Autumn issue of On Target. In the autumn, club secretaries were asked to complete another survey to understand how the NSRA is seen from the perspective of affiliated clubs.

Alongside this, actual measures to improve the way the NSRA interacts with its members and affiliated clubs are being implemented: during 2019 and 2020 the use of social media platforms increased, and the website is subject to a continual improvement programme. The publication of competition results will be using an online portal starting with the 2020-21 season, and membership applications and renewals will soon be possible using the new Go Membership portal.

It is necessary to mention the effect that the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is having on this whole process. As the country and indeed the world reels from the necessity of lockdowns and other restrictions to normal life, the organisational change process has suffered from delays like most other things. However, the Board of Management is determined that the NSRA will come through and be in a better shape to meet the future head-on.

Since 1903 the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs and later the NSRA have received donations of trophies from shooters, shooting organisations, commercial enterprises and other well-wishers. Many of these trophies commemorate well-known shooters of their time. In total the Association holds some 450 trophies which are awarded at National Meetings and Championships and for postal competitions.

Compiling details of these trophies is an enormous undertaking, and the list below will be extended as  details become available.

Choose from the list below to see the trophies in that category.

Full-time and part-time job opportunities at the NSRA will be posted here as and when they arise. Please keep checking this page regularly for newly posted opportunities.

NSRA Aldersley

The NSRA has two main locations: the Association's headquarters in Bisley, Surrey and the NSRA Aldersley facility in the West Midlands.

Middlesex Air Gun Meeting.
Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley.
12th 13th September 2013.
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Live results will display here while the event is on and for one week after. After this time the results will move to the relevant folder within the Results section. Please keep checking the website for future competitions.

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