There are some changes in the type of targets that may be used for NSRA Competitions:

2022 BR Summer Postal Leagues

  • Top 2 divisions MUST use the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18)
  • Lower divisions we recommend the use of the 10 spot target, but the 2 spot (MM12C BR15 – 18) can be used if necessary.

2022 BR Championships (Postal)

  • All competitors MUST use the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18)

2023 BR Competitions

  • From 2023 the 2 spot (MM12C BR15 – 18) will no longer be used for NSRA Competitions. All shooting must be carried out on the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18) target. The target will still be available as some local competitions still use this target.

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