2510BM89 Target

The 10 diagram 25yd target (2510BM89) was identified in 2018 as having incorrect scoring ring sizes, and the mistake was subsequently corrected.  However the target designation was not initially changed to the current designation of 2510BM89-18, so a small quantity of the correctly dimensioned targets were sold with the old designation.

Three years has now passed since the new targets with the correct designation were available, and therefore the targets that do not have the -18 suffix will no longer be accepted for NSRA competitions, effective immediately.

Competitions from Winter 2022

From Winter 2022, targets that do not have the -18 suffix will not be accepted for any NSRA Competitions.

Some of the 50m 2-diagram benchrest targets (MM12CBR15 – 18) have been checked and are not within specification.

These are from Batch Number 34090 (written on the end of the original packaging).

They are easy to identify in that they only have the target number MM12CBR15 – 18 written between the two targets and have no second target number in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

Please DO NOT USE THESE FOR NSRA COMPETITIONS. If they are used, the cards will not be accepted and will be required to be re-shot on the correct cards./p>

If you have stocks of these targets please return them to the NSRA Shop who will swap them for the correct version. Before you bring them in to exchange, please call to make sure we have the replacements in stock.

There are some changes in the type of targets that may be used for NSRA Competitions:

2022 BR Summer Postal Leagues

  • Top 2 divisions MUST use the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18)
  • Lower divisions we recommend the use of the 10 spot target, but the 2 spot (MM12C BR15 – 18) can be used if necessary.

2022 BR Championships (Postal)

  • All competitors MUST use the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18)

2023 BR Competitions

  • From 2023 the 2 spot (MM12C BR15 – 18) will no longer be used for NSRA Competitions. All shooting must be carried out on the 10 spot (50M10BR17 – 18) target. The target will still be available as some local competitions still use this target.

Updated: 10th January 2020

The Current Position in Relation to Targets

We will organise the replacement of targets as stock from the printers allows. Please do not send in requests for other targets until notice is given that they are in stock. We want to be fair to our clubs and individual members but also deal with the issue with our printers in a reasonable way. For this reason we will replace any targets that:

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