The Dewar Match is an international postal competition which is shot prone at 50 metres/yards and 100 yards. As a result of COVID-19 it is not possible to select the Great Britain Dewar Team as normal, or indeed shoot the Trials and Match as usual.

In order to proceed, the 2020 Dewar Match will take the form of a “Goodwill” match, which means there will be no GB honours available, but each team member will receive a special memento. The 2020 Great Britain “Goodwill” Dewar Team will be selected from a postal trial. The Trial will be a Single Dewar (20 shots at 50 metres/yards & 20 shots at 100 yards, ex 400). All cards must be shot on the same day and may be shot on any suitable available range.

Postal Trial:
  • FREE ENTRY & open to all NSRA members (qualifiers from Bisley & Scotland 2019 and those who had already entered the 2020 postal trial will be invited to enter; the first targets of set 1 will be used for any targets already received)
  • 20 shots at 50 metres/yards and 20 shots at 100 yards
  • Top 20 will be selected to represent Great Britain in the “Goodwill” Dewar Match. Positions 21 & 22 will be the reserves who will be invited to shoot on this occasion
  • Entries for the trial close Friday 14th August 2020 (shooting can commence before this on receipt of stickers)
  • Last day for shooting the trial will be Sunday 27th September 2020
  • Scores from the trial must reach Mike Arnstein, Team Captain via email by Monday 28th September

The Match cards will be shot during October 2020 and can commence on receipt of match stickers. The Match will be shot on your home range with targets being witnessed and scored locally. The course of fire for the Match is a Single Dewar. Photographs of the targets may be requested by the Team Captain for checking/posting on social media.

Anyone who has already paid for an entry to the postal trial in 2020 may use that entry for 2021.

Goodwill Dewar Match: Postal Trial 2020

GDPR: - Information provided on this entry form will be stored in accordance with GDPR regulations for the purposes of administration of the Trial and Match, and the distribution of results. It is a condition of entry that the competitor agrees to their name, club and scores appearing in the results, however they may be published. The NSRA will not use any competitor’s data for commercial purposes or give permission for use to a third party.

All details on this form are to be used for competition purposes only.