Competitions Roundup

As we enter a new year Sandra and the Competitions Team are looking forward to our Competitions Calendar returning to something approaching normality in 2021.  However, as 2020 closed with Covid-19 dominating every aspect of our daily lives, so 2021 also begins with the threat of continuing restrictions and further lockdowns. Assessing how such restrictions affect shooters around the UK has proven to be complex amid the ever-changing environment.... the NSRA have tried to be pragmatic in modifications made to both postal competitions and our national meetings and we will continue to publish updates via our website and social media.

BOAG 2021

For 2021 the British Open Airgun (BOAG) will run as a Postal Competition to find our “2021 BOAG Champions” in the normal Rifle and Pistol categories. Entries will open on Monday 04/01/2021 and close on Wednesday 24/02/2021.

The BOAG Postal Competition will comprise the Championship matches and a class based competition. There will be a single 60 shot course of fire – entrants may shoot their Championship match and the 60 shot competition concurrently, or choose to enter either the Championship match or the Competition.

The 60 shots can be fired as 3 strings of 20 shots on separate days, or all 60 shots on a single day in the shooting period between 1st March and 12th April 2021.

NSRA / ELEY Postal Competition

Entries for the 2020/21 ELEY Postal Competition have been extended to Wednesday 3rd February 2021.  Entry forms can be downloaded from the NSRA Website.

The 2020/21 ELEY Postal Competition will be reduced to a Single Stage and a Final (either a Postal Final or a Shoulder to Shoulder Meeting depending on what Covid-19 restrictions are in place).

Prizes for Stage 1 and 2 of the 2019/20 ELEY Postal Competition will be distributed once the Competitions Team return from Furlough Leave.  The Final Stage of the 2019/20 competition was extended to 31st December 2020 at the beginning of the second Lockdown. At the time of going to press, further extensions to the Postal Final have been requested and it is anticipated that those Finalists who have been unable to shoot by 31/12/20 will be granted further extensions.  However, any dates for further extensions cannot be determined until the NSRA office reopens in the new year.  Any Finalist whose club is open should shoot their Final cards as soon as possible.

Scotland and Bisley Meetings

Planning and preparation for the National Meetings at Lauder and Bisley continues.  We anticipate that NSRA Members will be able to make their entries online via GoMembership – more details will be published as they become available.

Winter Season Postal Leagues & Competitions

Stickers and paperwork for the Winter 20/21 Season were distributed as soon as the NSRA office reopened following the second lockdown. League dates were all set as Rounds 1 to 5 to be shot by 01/02/2021 and Rounds 6 to 10 to be shot by 29/03/2021.  Any team or individual in the Winter Leagues may request to shoot all ten rounds by 29/03/21 and should do so by email.

Postal Competitions that are shot in sets (eg End January, End February & End March) also have the option to request to shoot all sets by the end of the Winter Season (29/03/21).

Further modifications to shoot by dates will be published via the NSRA website and social media.


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