British Records 

British Individual Records can be established by British Citizens when competing in:

  • NSRA National Meetings;
  • National Squad Trials;
  • International competitions organised by a National Body which is a member of the ISSF, conducted under ISSF rules and subject to authorised certification;
  • The Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships.

British Team Records can be established by teams:

  • Officially representing Great Britain or a Home Country in ISSF international competition, international shoulder-to-shoulder team competition and international postal team matches;
  • Representing British County, Club or Service teams in competitions organised by the NSRA.

NSRA staff maintain a close check on the results of relevant competitions and seek to identify any score which qualifies as a New or Equal British Record. However if a team official or individual competitor believes that a potential Record Score has been missed, the details should be reported to Competitions Department at Lord Roberts Centre.


Listings of British Record Scores recognised by the NSRA

The links below refer to downloadable documents

Other Records


Various other records can be viewed on the websites of the organisations responsible for ratifying them.

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