The Board of Management may delegate any of its powers to Committees in accordance with Article 33 of the NSRA's Articles of Association.

Members of Committees are elected annually. Not less than one-half of the members of a Committee must be elected by the Shooting Council, the remaining places being subject to appointment by the Board of Management. With the exception of the Special Awards Committee, the Chairman of a Committee must be a Member of the Board of Management.

The current membership of NSRA Committees is:

Rifle Committee (8 members)

M J Chapman (Chairman)  
N Almond M Buttery R J Dowling
E Kendall P Mann D J F Poxon
H C Taylor    

Standing invitations to attend Rifle Committee meetings are given to the current GB Team Captains for the Randle, Dewar, Roberts and Pershing Matches.

Pistol, Airgun and Crossbow Committee (10 members)

T Metcalf (Chairman)  
A Bowman P Holdstock Mrs E J Twyford
6 vacancies    

Referees Committee (5 members)

R S Heath (Chairman)  
M J Chapman Mrs Y P Edwards  
P Holdstock    

Special Awards Committee (5 members)

D Brigden (Chairman)  
W S Cowell J R W Latimer Mrs J Nicholl
P Ralph    
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