Equality in Sport


The governing bodies that form British Shooting, including the National Small-bore Rifle Association, have joined together under that banner to produce a statement of their commitment to provide equal opportunities for all, in the shooting disciplines under their jurisdiction.

It is hoped that in doing so that it makes access to the shooting sports even easier, and provide opportunities for all members of the community to become involved in shooting.

The member associations want to help all who become involved in their activities to fully realize their potential, be it as shooters, officials, coaches or administrators.

It is already appreciated that shooting is truly a sport for all and to further its development as such the following policies are to be taken on by the member associations.

Policy Statement 1

To increase the number of participants of both sexes taking part in shooting sport and making it easier for them to gain access to BS activities.

Policy Statement 2

To increase the number of participants in the shooting sports from all ethnic groups.

Policy Statement 3

To help more disabled people become actively involved in shooting and to increase the opportunities for their participation.

Policy Statement 4

That all people involved in shooting sport may do so without discrimination from any quarter. The only restrictions on participation being that the people concerned should act lawfully, safely and with due respect for others.

Policy Statement 5

That age will not be a barrier to participation in shooting and that people will be encouraged to take part throughout their life while ever it is safe for them to do so.

Policy Statement 6

That all member organizations of the BS adopt equal opportunities policies wherever possible.

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