Performance Clubs create an Environment that allow the Athlete to compete and excel.

  • Is your Club a Performance Club or does it want to become one?


NSRA Performance Clubs

The NSRA represents around 900 clubs across the UK which cover a diverse range of disciplines. The clubs all have their own “character” and members and committee members put in an inordinate amount of work to maintain them.

Across these clubs some are mainly focused on recreational shooting. However, others have a more competitive focus and aspire to enrol, nurture and prepare high quality competitive shooters – many of whom aspire to represent their county, region or country in high level competition.

At the NSRA we receive a great many enquiries from people wanting to find a club in their area. The majority of these are new to shooting and really don’t know (or only have a vague idea) which discipline they wish to try. However, we do get enquiries from people who want to compete from the start and aspire to Commonwealth Games or Olympics or just to be, “…the best they can be…” Clearly, if this latter group are directed to a club that has a sole purpose of recreation, shooting non-ISSF disciplines or has no facilities or coaching available for these disciplines then sending them to these clubs would not be suitable and could result in them not taking up the sport. Further to this we often get current shooters who would like to join another, more competitive club to be with like-minded individuals, appropriate facilities or good coaching.

What is a NSRA Performance Club?

A NSRA Performance Club is a club with an ethos of competition and shooter development. It will have good facilities appropriate to ISSF Disciplines, have a reasonable level of equipment available for use, provide competitive opportunities, have qualified instructors and coaches and be connected to other organizations involved in the Performance Pathway.

What’s in it for the club?

  • Status and recognition
  • Increase overall performance level of the club
  • Status helps to support grant applications etc.
  • More appropriate membership enquiries/more members
  • Performance Clubs will be of great interest to contacts/networks of outside agencies (e.g. Regional Squads British Shooting etc.)

Performance Clubs: an innovation to deliver part of the solution

Talent Pathway


Development of NSRA Performance Clubs

External organisations to the Club are interested in the development of performance shooters and wish to establish a clear pathway from induction into the sport to performance level shooting.

These can be anything from Counties looking to develop a quality County Team, through Regional Squads on to Home Country and British Shooting Squads.

Clearly an NSRA Performance Club has a role to play in not only developing and preparing shooters for this performance pathway but also providing a focus for these organisations to find talented shooters and help them move on to higher levels.

This isn’t a one-way track as the NSRA Performance Clubs will develop a relationship with these external organisations and gain benefits from networking, coach development opportunities etc. that will further enhance what they can provide.

Regional and Home Nation Squads

Regional and Home Nation SquadsAcross the UK there are Regional Squads. These provide opportunities for further development and representation in Inter Regional level.

Home Nation Squads provide opportunities for representation at the Commonwealth Championships and other shoots.


British Shooting World Class Programme

At the National Level, British Shooting have established various Academies to take shooters to the higher levels of International Competition. They have to start somewhere and the Performance Club is a good place to introduce them into this process.

British Shooting World Class Programme


Defining a Performance Club

Benchmarked to a common standard:

  • Facilities
  • Systems and management
  • Equipment
  • Coaching provision
  • Communication links

For governance reasons, accreditation cannot be extended to individuals and clubs that are not affiliated to the NSRA, although we recognise the value these can bring to the development of young shooters.



To be a performance club, it's not necessary to offer all disciplines, but it is essential to offer at least one of the ISSF events.

  • 10m Air Rifle (standing)
  • .22 (Prone)
  • .22 (3 positions)
  • Pistol (Air)
  • Pistol (Other) — Clubs not in mainland Britain may offer ISSF Pistol disciplines


Performance Club Criteria


Basic general requirements
Club room, heating, lighting, water, adequate toilet facilities
Other general requirements
Facilities that support training  (WIFI, facilities for preparing food/drink)
Disability Friendly
Access and facilities for disabled athletes
10m range
If .177 Air Rifle (standing)  and .177 Air Pistol is a club discipline
20/25 yard range
If .22 is a club discipline
25m range
If Air Pistol Rapid Fire/Sport Pistol is a club discipline
50m range
If .22 is a club discipline
Shooting simulator
e.g. Noptel, SCATT, Trace
Electronic targetry
ISSF approved electronic target systems
Coaching or Dry firing area
An area where athletes can receive coaching or perform non-live fire tasks with their equipment.
This can be separate or an appropriate area where club rules allow handling and dry -fire of firearms
Debrief area
Area where athletes can discuss their training confidentially with their coach
Athlete changing areas
Appropriate area for athletes to change into shooting clothes (can be gender neutral)
Opening Hours
Open for a minimum of 3 x 2 hour sessions each week, outside of regular school hours
Out of hours
Other training opportunities outside normal hours (with accompaniment)


Organisation and Governance

In line with the NSRA's 'model Club constitution' format
Policies & Procedures
Maintains and implements NSRA Policies and Procedures with particular reference to: Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, Equality, Disability and Diversity
Firearms safety on club premises (Rules of Shooting)
Home Office approved
Has current Home Office approval (if appropriate to disciplines covered)
NSRA affiliated
Currently affiliated to the NSRA
County affiliated
Currently affiliated to the relevant County Association
Linked to other Talent development organisations in region
Formally linked to Talent Network (if available in region) or equivalent structures)
Development  plan
Publishes an annual Development Plan


Instruction & Coaching Resources

Qualified NSRA Club Instructors
Must have at least 1 qualified and be currently licensed
Qualified NSRA Club Coaches
Must have at least 1 qualified and be currently licensed
Qualified NSRA RCOs
Sufficient qualified RCOs to support shooting activity
Responsible Committee Member
With specific accountability for maintaining and developing the quality of club instruction and coaching and maintaining links to pathway activity
Instructor and Coach recruitment
Club actively recruiting members to become coaches and instructors
Continuous Development of Instructors & Coaches
Regular activities to maintain and develop the skills of club instructors and coaches.
Off Line coaching resources
A dedicated information board in the club for instruction and coaching
A library of instruction and coaching manuals
On Line coaching resources
Publicising links to on-line resources for coaching and development



Link to Regional squads
Formal approach for feeding talent into the regional squads, at the right time with the right skills & experience
Link to other parts of Shooter Pathway
Clearly connected to Shooter Pathway both above and below club level including Talent Network(s) if available
Evidence of Talent generation and promotion. 
Club actively engaged in National and local competitions


Communications & Networking

Regional Squad liaison
Regular communications with the relevant regional squads
Current Shooter Pathway(s)
Current Shooter Pathway(s) clearly communicated within the club and to outside organisations
Disabled Shooting
Links to disability shooting organisations to actively promote disabled pathways
Chat Groups
Provision of chat forums or other opportunities for athletes to share information on training, etc.
Be Careful and aware of issues with Social Media
Liaison with nearby Performance and non-Performance clubs and organisation
Awareness of who these clubs and organisations are e.g. shooting clubs, Pony Clubs, Cadets, Scouts, Guides, etc. With regular sharing of information
Source of new members


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