Meeting Outline (for full details see the Meeting Programme booklet).

The first meeting was held in 1948. Following the ban on the use of small-bore pistols in England, Scotland and Wales, 1998 saw its conversion to an air pistol event, with most of the NSRA and ISSF courses of fire for .22 pistols being shot with air pistols, the principal exceptions being 50 yard and 50 metre competitions. Subsequently the introduction of the Longarm60 on the mainland has meant that 50 metre (Free Pistol) competitions, including the British 50 metre Pistol Championship, have been reintroduced in the programme and from 2013 the Gallie Trophy (the British Pistol Championship) was also restored to the meeting programme.

The meeting is held in September at Lord Roberts Centre, where appropriate on Sius electronic targets. The entry for the meeting is currently about 80 to 100 competitors.

The programme includes:

  • A Slowfire Aggregate shot in two classes over 20 yards and 25 metres, with additional competitions available at 20 yds.
  • ISSF Air Pistol in three classes (2 x 60 shots).
  • British Pistol Championship for the Galie Trophy (shot at 50 metres).
  • British Short Range (20 yds) Championship.
  • ISSF 50 metre Pistol in two classes - Aggregate (2 x 60 shots), Championship (60 shots + 10 shot final).
  • ISSF courses in two classes for Standard Pistol, Sport Pistol and Rapid Fire Pistol, fired at 25m, but with .177 air pistols.

The 50 metre International Pistol Match (organised by the NRA of America) is shot by the Great Britain team of 10 during the meeting.



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