Updated: 8th March 2019

The Current Position in Relation to Targets

The NSRA is working closely with our printer to continue to test all targets to ensure the specifications are correct. We are continuing to deal with them in priority order based on their competition use and are still working hard with our printers to correct their printing issues. We are releasing targets for sale as and when we are satisfied with their quality.

ONLY APPROVED TARGETS may be used for National Competitions - Please continue to check back here regularly for updates on remaining targets. 

It must be noted that when discussing “faulty” targets we mean they are not suitable for National Competition use. This in no way prevents them being used locally (and some competition organisers are doing so) or for training and recreational shooting. In this case they may not need to be replaced.

Targets Completed

The following targets have been proofed, quality checked and signed off. Stocks of the following targets are available in the NSRA Shop:

  • 2010BM/89 - 18
  • 1001C 1996 - 18
  • Air 7 - 18
  • 1510BM - 18
  • Air 1/89 - 18
  • Air 2/89 - 18
  • Air 3/89 - 18
  • Air 4/89 - 18
  • 2510 B.M./89 - 18
  • 2510 BR15 - 18
  • PL14/06 - 18
  • MM 12C 1996 - 18
  • MM 12C BR15 - 18
  • M.M. 13/89 - 18
  • 2010 BR17 - 18
  • PL8 - 18

Old Targets That Can Be Used For Competition

The following targets are not up to the full specification, however the scoring is not affected and so CAN BE USED for National Competition purposes and WILL NOT be replaced:

  • 1001C 1996
  • 1003C BM89
  • Air 4/89
  • 2510BM89 (Either purchased after 20th September 2018 or replaced)
  • 1510BM
  • PL8

Please click here to view procedure for replacing targets

Targets Currently Being Proofed

The following targets are in the proof stage of being quality checked and will be available as "-18" versions as soon as they are approved.

  • Air 8
  • Air B20/96
  • PL14
  • PL15
  • PL19
  • 2505BM/89
  • 1003C BM/89
  • 1001 BR15
  • 2505CS
  • Air 10/97
  • Air 11/99
  • 25SSBM/89

All other targets are waiting for proofs from the printers.


Our Winter Season Competitions are being released for shooting as and when the majority of the necessary targets are available. This means that each competition is running to its own 'Shoot by Dates' depending on when the Paperwork and Stickers are sent out.   

Please click here for the full details of each Competition





Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.