Despite previous assurances the Government has now changed their mind and are proposing to proceed with a ban on rifles with a muzzle energy of more than 10,000 ft lbs (13,600J). This will effectively ban .50 calibre target rifles.

Those who participate in target shooting sports other than with the calibres under threat, must understand that the proposed ban is predicated on risk assessment and is not evidence based. If successful, this will set a dangerous precedent for all target shooting sports and in the future will reduce the requirement for evidence based changes to firearms legislation.

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Follow the shooting competitions at the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires which brings together talented young athletes aged 15 to 18 from over 200 countries around the world.



S. McIntosh

Seonaid has achieved a top 10 place in the ISSF world ranking of shooters for 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women.

The 52nd ISSF World Championships in all events took place in Changwon, Republic of Korea from the 31st August through to the 15th September 2018. British shooters achieved some remarkable performances. See below a report from Donald McIntosh.

British Team in Changwon

Unfortunately we have had to temporarily suspend the sales of many of our popular targets while we investigate a variety of quality assurance issues related to the printing of the targets.

We are working to quickly have these targets back on sale and minimise the disruption caused. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Postal competition deadline extensions will be made if necessary.

The 2018 Target Sprint GB Festival includes the first running of the ISSF Target Sprint World Tour 2018: British Open Along with the Confined and Open Great Britain Championships and National Series Final 2018.

Target Sprint

The first two sections effectively cut off the feeders to our sport by seeking to prohibit anyone under 18 taking part in shooting except as a member of a club.

  1. Abolition of the exception under Section 23(3) which permits possession of air weapons by persons of 14 or over on private land with the consent of the occupier.

This provides a major threat not just to the association but to all shooting sport. Many thousands of young people shoot on private ground either taking part in vermin control or informal target shooting. It is done quite safely and with no danger to themselves or the public. They have often learnt safety and marksmanship from their parents.

James Bevis has won gold at the Châteauroux 2018 World Shooting Para Sport World Cup. The phenomenal result from the R9 shooter also means he has secured a GB Quota Place for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. There was also a Team Gold for Bevis, Ryan Cockbill and Tim Jeffery.

 British Army

The Army Target Pistol Championships were held at Bisley recently with participants experience ranging from novice to experienced.

Amendment to the Firearms Rules 1998

This is to inform you about the following amendment to the Firearms Rules 1998 in relation to lost and stolen firearms. From the 16th October 2018, the Firearm and Shotgun Certificate conditions will change. The current wording of the firearm condition is as follows:

The holder of this certificate must inform the Chief Officer of Police by whom the certificate was granted within 7 days of the theft, loss or destruction in Great Britain of the certificate and/or the theft, loss, deactivation or destruction of any firearms and/or the theft or loss of ammunition to which this certificate relates.

Three members of the Carmarthen Rifle and Pistol Club Juniors recently flew out to Ireland to compete in the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) which is the Commonwealth Games for shooting.

Lucy Steffan Siwan CSF Ireland Sept 2018

Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.