The Home Office has opened a public consultation on what they consider to be "Offensive and Dangerous Weapons". This includes plans to apply further restrictions on .50 calibre and MARS (Manually Activated Release System) rifles which are currently for target shooting.

The policy intends to remove the availability of these Firearms for civilian use suggesting they may be used for terrorism. The proposed changes will raise them from Section 1 of the Firearms Act where they can be held on a normal Firearms Certificate to Section 5 and so effectively banned.

The NSRA are opposed to this and other changes to legislation which is not based on evidence but merely applies further restrictions to law abiding target shooters with no apparent benefit to public safety. The NSRA will fight these changes on behalf of its members and affiliated clubs via British Shooting Sports Council and other appropriate national forums.

The consultation document can be viewed at:

The document also includes further restrictions proposed on the sale of knives which will only be able to be purchased by face-to-face transactions - severely damaging many internet based businesses.


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