Urgent Notice to All Club Secretaries

Please be aware that unless you have correctly completed and returned your club re-affiliation paperwork for 2016, your club will not be insured. We are unable to make any exceptions to this ruling as our underwriters will not accept claims made if the correct paperwork has not been submitted and received at our NSRA offices.

Please note that if you have already submitted your renewal paperwork, your club will be covered by our insurance, providing this is complete and correct. Any slight delay you may experience in receiving confirmation of your renewal is due to the Christmas / New Year break and the resulting volume of work we have to process.

To avoid unnecessary telephone calls and if you have yet to send in your renewal paperwork, please refer to the letter sent to you in October 2015, detailing the relevant forms for completion, the information required and the club renewal fee payable for 2016.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding during what is for us a very busy time of the year.

If you need another copy of the forms, all 2016 membership forms can be downloaded below:

Disciplines: 10 m Air Pistol , 10 m Air Rifle, 10 m Sporter Air Rifle, 20 yd Air Pistol, 50 m Free Pistol
Date: 5/6 September 2015
Venue: Blackburn Rifle & Pistol Club
Contact: Kevin Hindle, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Entry forms available at www.clstsa.org<http://www.clstsa.org>

The NSRA held its first National Benchrest Championship at The Lord Roberts Centre on the weekend of 13th - 14th June 2015.

More Details and Results...


It is with very deep regret that we report the death of Jenny Page, who retired from the NSRA staff in October 2012.

Where do the main political parties stand regarding Shooting Sports..? As with all sensitive or controversial areas of policy, there are divisions of opinion on shooting in its various forms and for a number of parties the shooting sports feature as a topic, either in their main party manifesto documents or as a subject on which they have commented.  We have compiled a summary of these for your interest and information in advance of the forthcoming General Election.

The National Rifle Association are organising their annual Smallbore Long Range Match at Bisley on Sunday 26 April.

The National Rifle Association are organising their Smallbore Long Range Match at Bisley on Sunday 26 April.

The brief details are: Distances: 200, 300 and 400 yards for competition; 500 yards for interest. Rifles: Any single shot rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle, Long or Short Rimfire ammunition may be used. Magazine rifles must be loaded by single shots. A sling may be used.

Classes: MRSB Class: 'Iron', magnifying or telescopic sights may be fitted. The forward hand may also be rested, but the rifle itself may not touch the rest and the butt may not be rested or touch the ground. TRSB Class: 'Iron' sights only. The forward hand may not be rested. SRSB Class: British or foreign military training rifles such as the Enfield No 2, 8 or 9, foreign equivalents or Morris tube conversions, fitted with Iron sights of any type. The forward hand may be rested as for MRSB. Competitors are to supply their own ammunition and markers will be provided.

Further details and the entry form are available via this link.

The Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association applied for charity status at the beginning of 2014 as the only means of avoiding a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) of £85, 000 imposed by Huntingdonshire DC on the 50m indoor rifle range we are attempting to build in Cambridgeshire. We have planning permission and funding of £222, 000 towards the project but funding the CIL is currently beyond us.

The latest changes to NSRA Rules and Regulations came into effect on 1 April 2015. The principal change affecting clubs and county associations is the re-instatement with different conditions of the ability to demote shooters to a lower team in the same league.

There has been a great deal of discussion recently about the practice of downloading ammunition and whether it was an activity covered by the insurance offered by the NSRA. The Insurance documentation contained some contradictory information but identified downloading as an excluded activity. The NSRA reviewed the activity and discussed the situation with the Association’s broker Perkins Slade and the Association’s insurer, Hiscox. It was agreed that a Code of Practice should be written and once complete Hiscox would review it and decide if the activity could be covered by the Insurance that was in place.

Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.