CEO’s Welcome - Winter Edition of 'On Target' Magazine

It has been brought to our attention that we have unfortunately published inaccurate statements in the Winter 2018 issue of 'On Target' magazine.

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your brief mention of the leading results of the ISSF World Championships within the CEO's report in the Winter 2018 issue of ‘On Target' magazine.

In this it was reported that:

“Seonaid McIntosh became World Champion in the 50m Prone event at the World Championships. A Quota Place for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was also gained. Seonaid also gained another quota place after finishing fourth in the 50m 3P Competition”.

It is not possible to win a Quota Place in the non-Olympic event of Women’s 50m Prone. It is also not possible for an athlete to win a Quota Place in more than one individual event, so Seonaid secured one Quota Place in Women’s 50m 3P, for GBR.

It was then reported that:

“The British Team including Seonaid won bronze in the 50m 3P Competition alongside her sister Jen and Katie Gleeson”.

This is not true. The Women’s 3P Team came 17th of 23 teams competing in that event. The Women’s 50m Prone Team did win a bronze medal - the first by a GB Women’s Rifle Team in a 50m event at a World Championships ever - but my daughters were joined on that day by Zoe Bruce rather than Katie Gleeson. I think it would only be fair to the team - Zoe in particular - to issue a correction, along with a photograph of the team with their medals, in the next issue of the magazine and on your social media channels.


Donald McIntosh.

NSRA: We thank you for raising these errors and apologise without reservation for the inaccuracies in the editorial commentary within the CEO’s Welcome letter. We offer our sincere apologies for publishing misleading information and will check our information more carefully for future issues.

We will publish this letter with our apology on the NSRA website and carry a similar notice of in the Spring 2019 issue of ‘On Target’ magazine.

Editor, ‘On Target’.