Urgent Notice to All Club Secretaries

Please be aware that unless you have correctly completed and returned your club re-affiliation paperwork for 2016, your club will not be insured. We are unable to make any exceptions to this ruling as our underwriters will not accept claims made if the correct paperwork has not been submitted and received at our NSRA offices.

Please note that if you have already submitted your renewal paperwork, your club will be covered by our insurance, providing this is complete and correct. Any slight delay you may experience in receiving confirmation of your renewal is due to the Christmas / New Year break and the resulting volume of work we have to process.

To avoid unnecessary telephone calls and if you have yet to send in your renewal paperwork, please refer to the letter sent to you in October 2015, detailing the relevant forms for completion, the information required and the club renewal fee payable for 2016.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding during what is for us a very busy time of the year.

If you need another copy of the forms, all 2016 membership forms can be downloaded below:

Principal Changes to NSRA Rules and Regulations

(since publication of the last substantial review in 1999)

Effective 1 April 2016

  • Replace references to "handicap" with "disability"
  • Clarification of procedure for scoring shots outside the 6-ring on short range rifle targets (, Appendix A)
  • Clarification of rule allowing targets with a trim line to be trimmed (7.4.5)
  • Updating the description of the allowable position and rest for Benchrest Rifle shooting (,

Effective 1 April 2015

  • Clarification of rules for qualification for county competitions (3.3.1 - 3.3.5)
  • Clarification of procedure for breaking ties in single range pistol competitions (
  • Re-instatement of ability to demote a shooter in a league team to a lower team in the same league in certain circumstances and with restrictions. (7.9.3 - 7.9.7)

Effective 1 April 2014

  • Revision and extension of rules relating to calculation of competition entry averages, ability of the NSRA to amend incorrect averages and take disciplinary action on submission of incorrect averages. (7.1.3)
  • Removal of ability to demote a shooter in a league team to a lower team in the same league. (formerly 7.9.3)

Effective 1 April 2013

  • Updating of administrative arrangements and cross references in section on Shooters with Physical Handicaps. (4.1, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6)
  • Amendment to validity period of, and standard conditions on Dispensation Certificates. (4.5)

Effective 1 April 2012

  • Penalties for certain rule infringements to be decided by the Referees Committee instead of the Board of Management. (1.5, 1.6.4, 6.3.2)
  • Eligibility rules for national meetings and postal competitions updated in line with actual current practice. (3.1, 6.4)

Effective 1 April 2011 

  • Widening of the conditions under which the value of cross-shots (subject to penalty) in rifle postal competitions can be credited to the shooter. (5.2.1 to 5.2.3)

Effective 1 April 2010

  • Extension to types of .22 cartridge pistols permitted for competition shooting. (
  • Harmonisation of number of permitted re-shoots for allowable malfunctions in pistol and lightweight sport rifle competitions in line with principles of current ISSF Pistol Rules. (9.6.4 to

Effective 1 April 2009

  • Use of short witness certificates extended from airgun competitions only to all competitions. (
  • Clubs which enter more than one team in a postal knock-out competition not required to place their best available shooters in the 'A' team, the next best in the 'B' team, etc. (7.7.6 to 7.7.8)
  • Use of a prescribed sight-correction lens attached to or in the rearsight allowed in conjunction with a lens in the foresight (e.g. Eagle Eye).  Previously the sight-correction lens was only permitted if worn in spectacles. (8.4.3)
  • Allowable and non-allowable malfunction definitions for pistol re-worded to be exactly the same as in ISSF Rules. (9.6.5 to

Effective 1 April 2008

  • Clarification of circumstances that constitute allowable and non-allowable malfunctions in rifle competitions. (8.15.2,

Effective 1 April 2007

  • Addition of Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor to list of qualified witnesses. (
  • Extension of the use of short form witness certificates to airgun competitions with a minimum of six cards. (
  • Clarification of the rules pertaining to shooting periods, timescales for the return of cards and the availability of re-shoots in the event of loss of cards in the postal system. (7.10)
  • Permission for the use of two hands to support a pistol by young shooters. (9.4.2)

Effective 1 April 2006

  • Introduction of rules for Benchrest Rifle. (5.2.5, 8.16)
  • Addition of muzzle-loading pistols and revolvers to list of permitted pistols. (
  • Removal of requirement that merger of County associations can only be within a single Sports Council region. (2.3.3)
  • Clarification that competition stickers are specific to a particular competition, and of the information printed on the sticker only the name of the shooter may be changed by the club in the event of a substitution. (7.3.5)
  • Individual competitions to be shot on a single day. (7.2)
  • Current average of a reserve to be notified to the scorer the first time he shoots a particular team. (7.9.7)

Effective 1 April 2005

  • Reorganisation of the definitions of ammunition and rifle, taking in the reduction of trigger pull for Lightweight Sport Rifle to 0.5kg and types of ammunition usable for LSR. (8.2, 8.3)

Effective 1 April 2003

  • Competitions that may be entered by shooters with physical handicaps in ISCD Category SH2 raised from Level 9 to Level 7 and below. (4.6)
  • Penalty for an excess shot in a rifle competition fired at a meeting reduced to one point. (,
  • "Eagle-eye" foresight lens permitted. (8.4.3)

Effective 1 April 2002

  • Introduction of rules for shooting of postal competitions on electronic targets. (1.10.6, 1.10.9, 6.7.1, 6.7.5, 6.9.8, 6.11.1, 7.4.7,
  • Complete revision of rules for breaking ties in rifle competitions, which inter alia discontinued the use of graduated gauges in tie breaking. (5.5)
  • Cross-shots on Skirmisher cards are recorded as misses and no penalty points are deducted. (,
  • On ceasing to be a junior, a shooter who has shot for one home country may elect to shoot for another. (

Effective 1 April 2000

  • Revision of scoring of cross and excess shots at rifle meetings where backing cards are used. (5.3.1)
  • Clarification of application of score deduction when a shooter is replaced in a team by a shooter with a higher average. (7.9.7)
  • Introduction of rules for Lightweight Sport Rifle. (8.3.2, 8.9)
  • Addition of dimensions for 25 metre rifle, 25 metre Skirmisher and Air Rifle AIR11 targets. (Appendix A)
  • Addition of dimensions for 25 metre rifle gauges. (Appendix B)

Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.