Urgent Notice to All Club Secretaries

Please be aware that unless you have correctly completed and returned your club re-affiliation paperwork for 2016, your club will not be insured. We are unable to make any exceptions to this ruling as our underwriters will not accept claims made if the correct paperwork has not been submitted and received at our NSRA offices.

Please note that if you have already submitted your renewal paperwork, your club will be covered by our insurance, providing this is complete and correct. Any slight delay you may experience in receiving confirmation of your renewal is due to the Christmas / New Year break and the resulting volume of work we have to process.

To avoid unnecessary telephone calls and if you have yet to send in your renewal paperwork, please refer to the letter sent to you in October 2015, detailing the relevant forms for completion, the information required and the club renewal fee payable for 2016.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding during what is for us a very busy time of the year.

If you need another copy of the forms, all 2016 membership forms can be downloaded below:

NSRA Scottish MeetingThe NSRA has a well-established programme of National Meetings. In most cases entry is restricted to shooters who are members of the NSRA, although some meetings may include competitions referred to as Open Championships. It is emphasised that in all cases the word "Open" means that competitors of any nationality may take part: it does not override any requirement for competitors, including those from overseas, to be individual members of the NSRA.

For those meetings where it is compulsory, individual NSRA membership for the duration of the meeting is available on the entry form.

There are three forms of British Championship, some or all of which may be contested at National Meetings.

  • British Confined Championship – open only to competitors holding British nationality.
  • British Championship – open to citizens of the Commonwealth.
  • British Open Championship – open to all-comers, including foreign nationals.

Apart from the Championships, most individual events are shot in classes. There are between two and five classes, some of which are in accordance with National Classifications, whilst for others all competitors will be required to declare their current average at the time of entry.

There are also competitions at most meetings for teams representing NSRA-affiliated clubs, counties and international matches between the seven Home Countries. In the international matches, teams representing other Commonwealth and foreign countries may take part "for honours only".

British Individual and Team Records can be set at National Meetings.

Entry forms for the principal meetings are circulated to members in On Target. In some cases copies are sent by email direct to former entrants, but copies for all meetings are available by email on request to Competitions Department at Headquarters on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Entry forms may also be downloaded from the website using the link in the relevant sub-page for the particular meeting.  The link will be activated as soon as the entry form has been published. Prior to then the entry form for the previous year will remain available to give an indication of approximate costs of entry.

The current calendar of meetings is as follows.  Click on the meeting name for further information and previous results.

 24 - 26 February  British Airgun Championships, Bisley
 22 - 23 April  Benchrest Competition
 2 - 4 June  British International 50m Rifle Championships, Bisley
 16 - 18 June  Benchrest Championships NSRA/WRABF
 1 - 7 July  Scottish Rifle Meeting
 12 - 20 August  National Rifle Meeting, Bisley (to be confirmed)
 22 - 24 September  British Pistol Championships, Bisley
 14 - 15 October  Eley Finals

The Scottish and Bisley Rifle Meetings are controlled by the Rifle Committee. The 50 Metre Rifle Championships is controlled by the International Committee. Other meetings are controlled by the Pistol, Airgun and Crossbow Committee.

Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.